You may often see that nowadays many large buildings such as apartments, hotels, and offices already use carpets as floor mats. This of course has its reason why they use carpet as a floor mat. One of them is because the carpet has quite a lot of functions, not only to add to the aesthetics of a room but also to function in other ways, such as as a sound absorber, protecting the floor from scratches, providing comfort when people walk and many others. Even when viewed from the function of the carpet used in public spaces, it is not the same as the type of carpet used at home. However, no matter how many functions and benefits can be obtained from the use of carpets as floor mats, of course when viewed in terms of cleanliness for a fairly large type of room such as a hotel, this requires extra energy in caring for the carpet to keep it clean. But usually, for large business owners such as hotels, there will be a cooperation system for services that offer professional carpet cleaning services. One of them is like the service from North Shore Tile, Upholstery, Rug & Carpet Cleaning Services.

The use of carpet as a hotel floor requires extra care, not only because the size is quite large from the use of hotel floor mats but also the type will not be the same as the type of home carpet. Every day regularly, you need to clean it using a vacuum cleaner, while for maintenance every 2 weeks, you can use professional services to get the maximum clean and fragrant carpet.

Having a carpeted floor will indeed make us comfortable when we walk, but the lack of this carpet itself can be quite risky to health. Where is the carpet floor, this is a very favorable place for viruses and bacteria.

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